The Frogs Elect a King

This is a scrolldown story… spoiler alert, it doesn’t go well for the frogs. Source: Perry 44, told by Odo of Cheriton.

Who’s the Ass here?

There are many reasons why reading Latin for ‘false friends’ (words which sound like something familiar in your native language, but are actually not!) is a bad habit, but I find that it can be encouraging for people still warming up to Latin to feel like they already have a start. Etymologically, Ademar’s Latin will…

Beware of vanity!

I tried to 1) make the image a bit more intense with wilder colors, and 2) make the activities suitable for beginners. Are there pink foxes? No, of course not, but in the world of talking animals, why not?

A Game of Cat and Mouse

So many things to work in here! Firstly a nod to Pangur Ban; you can see Seamus Heaney’s notes on the poem and his English translation, meanwhile you can see the poem Messe ocus Pangur bán / The Scholar and his Cat here. Fancy learning more about medieval brewing techniques? Tofi Kerthjalfadsson at Carnegie Mellon…