It all started . . . thousands of years ago . . . when I was finishing my master’s program in Classical Philology.

Why are there so few fun resources for reading medieval Latin texts?

We have the Harry Potter series in Latin, and Asterix sometimes throws in some Latin, but at the time I hadn’t seen any presentations of the kind of texts I enjoyed reading.

So, I started making comics from medieval collections of fables. I wanted to also feature some basic activities in the comics to get readers thinking about the text, hopefully to help them improve their lanugage skills (and be a better student than I was!) while they grow to love Latin.

Hard to take a selfie with these fluffy paws.

You’ve probably seen rabbits doing all sorts of things in medieval manuscripts – fighting knights, jousting, running rampant. It’s all true. However, nowadays we educated rabbits tend towards the finer arts, such as making Latin comics.